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Discover DRE – the Artificial Intelligence Automation Engine That Streamlines Business Processes, Improves Service Quality AND Delivery & Dramatically Reduces Costs!

Business process automation (BPA) is quickly becoming a necessity if a company wants to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

In fact, Forrester reports that BPA can reduce operating costs by as much as 90% for many businesses. Meanwhile, McKinsey reports that about half of all work could be automated.

Reduce Operating Costs

BPA can reduce operating costs by as much as 90% for many businesses.

If you are an IT team or department leader:

Imagine your staff having double or triple the time they have now! Imagine them being able to work on projects that will actually help your business grow … instead of spending all their time on data entry or trying to drill down and find the real cause of an event storm.

You see, our customized artificial intelligence automation engine, which we’ve named DRE, isn’t about replacing workers … it’s about helping workers do their jobs much better and much more efficiently.

You’ve likely heard of the “Pareto Principle” – well, DRE allows you to automate 80% of your tech environment so that you and your staff can focus on the 20% that actually produces real business value!

Put another way, DRE eliminates human error and takes care of 80% of your business “noise” WITHOUT any necessary human intervention.

With DRE you’ll be able to get much more done in much less time!

Business Process Automation

Watch Our Videos to See How DRE Unifies Tools, Increases Efficiency & Decreases Spending!

The Single Solution for All Your IT Tools

Discover how DRE is transforming the world of IT. This intelligent, automated solution processes and manages big data like nothing seen before. Watch the video to learn more.

What is Digital Robotics

Discover the intelligent workflow management engine that resolves repetitive and redundant tasks – giving IT personnel their time (and sanity) back. Watch the video to learn more.

EI Has Been an Innovator in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Since the Early 2000’s!

Here’s why that is important – with DRE you get a mature artificial intelligence tool that boasts all the best features without any of the problems that inevitably come with newest, untested versions of a product.

We’ve been molding and fine-tuning DRE for years – continually integrating the newest innovations while maintaining ease of use and dependable functionality.

In fact, DRE is not only our flagship product but it also serves as the very foundation of our business – allowing us, just like our clients, to operate more efficiently and provide more expansive services for better prices than the competition.

For example, our Integrated Services Center (ISC), leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide clients with an automated service desk that contains all the tools needed to ensure a great user experience.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Check out this statistic:
Since DRE’s conception, EI has had a total of 2,658,890 (and counting) alerts and has an automation rate of 55 alerts per hour.
Alerts are items technicians would normally have to review.
DRE is BIG Step Forward in Business Process Automation
– It Gives You Data ABOUT Your Data
That’s right, DRE gives you something that you don’t currently have, something that can prove highly valuable in many other areas of your business.
DRE gives you metadata!

What exactly does that mean? This artificial intelligence automation engine collects data from and about your data. It then stores this metadata and makes it easily accessible to you.

You can use this data to learn much more about your business. With this data you’ll be able to improve capacity planning, to improve IT asset management, to better prepare for audits, to improve security and much, much more.

Our clients repeatedly tell us that this new information has produced tremendous costs savings for them!

And don’t forget DRE learns and benefits from the metadata it collects as well.
It analyzes the data and through machine learning learns to take appropriate action on its own
– saving you and your staff time, money and frustration (which comes from having to deal with repetitive tasks).

With DRE you get:

  • Self-learning that leads to the automation of repetitive and unstructured processes
  • Real-time analytics that provide unique insights into the business
  • Dashboards for data visualization – these make it easy for any employee to utilize data collected by DRE
  • Cross-departmental usage – DRE tears down interdepartmental silos! Information collected by DRE can be used in IT, HR, Finance and other departments … for example, to dramatically shorten on-boarding of new employees or to streamline bill payment
  • Highest level enterprise security
  • Groundbreaking ability to automate system alerts according to best-practice workflows to ensure consistent and speedy results every time
  • Event Storm reduction – storms that once required hands-on attention from engineers are now handled immediately, often before they cause any impact
  • EndPoint Experience™ which monitors the user experience and watches for faults and errors, such as applications not responding and allows technicians to quickly get to the root cause of an end point issue
  • And more

EI has helped many organizations improve the resiliency of their infrastructure

You could be next!

Mike Mahoney Vice President SGS CO

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DRE Combines Artificial Intelligence With Open Source Solutions & Robotics Process Automation to Give You
The ULTIMATE 21st Century Business Tool!
Machine Learning
Cutting-Edge Technology:

DRE is an innovative solution that combines machine learning with customizable self-learning mechanisms that provide endless possibilities for automation. It automates many applications and supports many other platforms.

State of the Art
State-of-the-Art AI:

DRE automatically and programmatically responds to alerts that allow engineers within the organization to be more productive and gain back valuable time. This automated solution guarantees no uncertainty in your infrastructure by ensuring that all alerts are checked through machine learning.

Process Automation:

Repetitive business processes, whether on site or in the cloud, are automated allowing you to get more done in less time and with less staff. DRE automates and solves the 10 most common event-triggering alerts, including: free space errors in the server infrastructure; network connectivity and up/down states; and more.


DRE serves as a bridge between tools and departments that were previously unable to communicate effectively … allowing you to get business done much easier. DRE breaks down departmental silos!

Highly Scalable:

DRE will learn and grow with your business as it expands. DRE is also capable of analyzing millions of event data per second – and will even trigger action when appropriate.


DRE can be programmed using any scripting language or code. Technicians in all areas of the organization can design and develop processes to simplify their redundant tasks.

Reporting & Analytics:

DRE delivers highly accurate business analytics so that you can quickly determine how the business and various departments and teams are performing.


This solution revolutionizes the industry, reduces all overhead, cost, and consequently, risk in an organization’s infrastructure. Through artificial intelligence, a company’s monitoring and response systems are protected from catastrophic failure because the engine addresses any issues expediently and accurately.

System Visibility
Visibility & Control:

DRE cycles through the workflow and completes the final step in the support process flow by creating a ticket. If the issue is within the designated threshold, it will resolve the ticket. If the issue is outside the designated threshold, it will escalate the ticket to a technician.

Information Management
Information Management:

DRE uses AI and machine learning to provide real-time correlation of information. Also, it categorizes and routes alerts to the right teams and assesses seriousness of risks.

To learn much more about DRE and how it can help you automate your business processes, download our whitepaper and case study now.
To learn much more about DRE and how it can help you automate your business processes, download our white paper now.

Download White Paper Now

With DRE the Manual Repeatable Tasks That Have Normally Taken Hours Can Be Done Within Seconds!

DRE is a predictive analytic tool that takes in vast amounts of information from multiple tools and correlates the data into actionable information.

For example, when a switch goes down on a network it normally leads to numerous alerts. DRE recognizes the switch is the main point of failure and suppresses the other alerts leading to a faster time to resolution because technicians don’t need to troubleshoot. This is what business process automation is all about!

Jason Wilson, Application Development Manager“What we’ve done with artificial intelligence is taken diverse systems, correlated the data and rolled it all up into a single pane of glass view that provides an engineer with an easy way to decipher all the information. It filters out the noise and shows them what’s important when they log in. Engineers no longer have to wade through gigabytes of data to find that needle in the haystack. DRE finds it for them.”
– Jason Wilson, Applications Development Manager
Don’t Fall Behind the Competition!

Get the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence you need to do business better. DRE offers the maturity, the machine learning, the data driven processes you need to take your business to higher levels of success.

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