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Immediately Quarantine Infected Workstations and Transfer Vital Data for Immediate Analysis with Cryptowatcher from EI

Learn How This Vital Tool Can Help Secure Your Network

Cryptowatcher: Proactive Virus Protection

  • Is your current antivirus/antimalware solution able to ensure that any malware it detects will not encrypt all data it finds on a workstation’s file system or shared drive?
  • Have you been the unfortunate recipient of ransomware that has managed to encrypt a workstation’s file system or even an entire network?
  • Have you been wishing for a tool that would make it far more difficult for a malware program to spread throughout your network?

Introducing Cryptowatcher from Enterprise Integration

A Proprietary Tool That Could be a Lifesaver for The Integrity of Your Data, Not to Mention a Tremendous Headache-Saver for Your IT Team

  • Helps save the integrity of your data in the event of attack
  • Helps protect your network against serious ransomware
  • Helps protect against other attacks that can compromise system data
  • Quarantines machines affected by viruses and malware
  • Prevents infection from spreading into other areas of your network
  • Stops viruses and malware before they can do any more damage
  • Provides data that allows the offending program to be removed with no productivity disruption

A successful ransomware attack can cost up to 500 hours in both lost productivity and mitigation/removal. If the attack spreads across a network, the cost rises exponentially.

Download this server utility that can stop a CryptoLocker or related ransomware or malware attack cold at the initial point.

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Cryptowatcher Has Saved Hundreds of Man Hours for Affected Companies

Here’s a breakdown…

Enterprise Integration has been an integral part of our technical infrastructure. From designing our Microsoft system platform in 2004 to transitioning our servers to a virtual environment in 2012, EI has been there every step of the way. We value our partnership with EI and continue to be impressed by their level of service and expertise.

Annmarie NemethChief Financial Officer, MJW Consolidated, Inc.

Without a lot of direction from CSX, EI drives efficiency into our operations. EI keeps improving and looking for better ways, tools and products to help us. Working with EI has totally changed the way we support end users.

Mike NailDirector of Process Excellence, CSX Technology

Enterprise Integration is engaged with Rayonier to perform vulnerability assessments of our IT environment. Throughout our multi-year relationship, EI has delivered exceptional value by generating reports with executive level summaries to help us understand the overall risk profile along with specifically detailed, actionable instructions for our technical team to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. EI also provides subject matter expertise as needed to help with remediation.

Eric FakeDirector Enterprise Infrastructure, Rayonier

Cryptowatcher was designed to defend against CryptoLocker, a ransomware program that made its devastating debut in mid-2013 by encrypting all data on a system and demanding a ransom for it to be recovered. While antivirus programs can remove the CryptoLocker program itself, they can generally do nothing to recover your data. Thus was born Cryptowatcher from Enterprise Integration.
This small, essential utility lives on each of your servers and quietly watches for malware to attempt to infect a client’s file system.

The moment it detects this behavior, it immediately disconnects the client from the server and the network, disables the client’s Active Directory account, and restarts the client machine.

Finally, it sends all data it has gathered on the infection to EI’s SecOps team for analysis.

The malware can then be removed before it’s able to do any further damage.

While Cryptowatcher has proven adept at containing this specific type of ransomware/malware, it should be deployed as part of a complete security solution to protect against traditional viruses, Trojans and other malware.

Why Cryptowatcher?

Buttress Your Security:

While you may have a bevy of programs at your disposal to detect viruses, they likely won’t pick up on what CryptoLocker is doing until it’s too late.

Avoid Data Compromise:

If a malware or ransomware program is allowed to send your data outside the network, significant costs may be incurred to mitigate such exposure – both monetarily and in terms of reputation and PR.

Save IT Headaches:

If you’re hit by a CryptoLocker or similar attack, It can take up to 500 man hours to restore each affected system – if it was backed up off site.

Quick Removal:

EI can use the data gathered by Cryptowatcher to quickly remove the offending malware from the machine.


Cryptowacher provides proactive virus protection for your network through its advanced detection capabilities and by ensuring that any malware it finds won’t encrypt all data on a file system or shared drive.

Cryptowatcher FAQ

An Ounce of Prevention
Have you been keeping an eye on how much companies are shelling out to recover from malware, and wincing every time you see it rise?
Do you want to do your utmost to ensure that no one can hold your data for ransom?
A no-brainer

Installing Cryptowatcher can help keep your organization from becoming yet another unfortunate example of what can happen at the hands of a vicious malware attack.

Imagine the calamity ransomware could cause if it was allowed to spread across your network, encrypting every scrap of data it found?
Cryptowatcher clearly wins the cost-benefit analysis.
Download This Advanced Ransomware/Malware Protection Today, and Breathe a Sigh of Relief
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