Block Cyberattacks at Their Source With Autonomous Defender

Enterprise Integration (EI) Has Developed a Powerful Tool That Blocks Bad IP Addresses Automatically –
Ensuring Your Business Stays Safe & Secure!

One of the very best ways to stop cyberattacks has always been to block a network’s access to the IP address that is the source of the attack.

Of course, this has also always been a case of
“easier said than done.”

The problems with instituting this defense strategy include:

Manual Research
Manual Research
Manually maintaining a “blacklist” containing multiple bad IP addresses is cumbersome and labor intensive. Not only are there hundreds of known “bad addresses” but you would also have to keep the list updated as new threats arise. This would be a full-time job – and even then it would be extremely difficult to stay current.
Manual Updating
Accessing, downloading and implementing industry-standard lists of malware hosts and other blacklisted addresses that are regularly compiled by industry experts, information security researchers and forensic analysis of successful malware attacks … is also labor intensive and requires constant vigilance. Many of these lists are updated several times a day!

So how can you overcome these problems and keep
your business safe from damaging cyberattacks?

Enterprise Integration has the answer

Introducing Autonomous Defender

Included as Part of EI’s Digital Robotics Engine (DRE)

Relying on proprietary digital robotics technology to constantly stay up-to-date this powerful security tool creates the ultimate “blacklist” that blocks all Internet traffic to and from bad IP addresses.

How it works:

Autonomous Defender uses EI’s advanced digital robotics to handle importing, updating and enforcing industry-standard blacklists.

When installed, it becomes a labor-saving, hands-off service actively protecting your network.

If a cyberattack originates from the Internet it is immediately stopped when it tries to access your network.

If malware is installed on your network, its attempts to “call out” to a specific IP address are blocked. Blocking this address can disable the malware and give you a chance to clean your system before it is damaged.

It’s the Ultimate Cyberattack
Prevention Tool!

Cyber crime damage costs are projected to hit

$6 trillion annually by 2021,

according to CSOonline.com.

In 2017, 61% of small businesses reported experiencing a cyberattack. In that same year, cyber attacks cost small and medium-sized businesses an average of $2,235,000, according to Barkly.com.
Cyber security is essential for business success today.

That’s why Enterprise Integration has made maintaining client security a key part of its mission.

By leveraging security databases and automating the shun command on the Cisco firewall, Autonomous Defender creates, maintains and implements an automatically updated feed.

This feed provides real-time blocking across the entire network and offers complete integration of multiple available public databases of known bad actors.

The end result – your IT staff are free to focus on other important matters … secure in the knowledge that your business is protected from costly cyberattacks.

Additional Autonomous Defender
Benefits for Clients Include:

  • Automatically protects employees from Adware and Ransomware threats while reducing IT workload
  • Helps maximize business productivity by preventing viruses that slow computers
  • Builds confidence in your business both among customers and among employees by protecting their personal information
  • Also protects your customers from being susceptible to a “cyber breach by proxy”
  • Keeps your website from going down due to a cyberattack – downtime means lost money from lost transactions

To learn much more about Autonomous Defender and how EI can protect your business from costly cyberattacks,
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