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The IT industry is changing at a rapid pace. In fact, technology has advanced to the point where IT leaders now face an important decision:

Are you going to continue to do business “the hard way,” which means IT personnel stuck doing administrative tasks and everybody feeling stressed and overworked?

Or are you going to step into the future and start doing business “the easy way,” which means utilizing artificial intelligence to handle repetitive tasks, freeing up your staff to work on other mission critical business objectives?

Your decision will have a lasting impact on the future success of your business.

Don’t Fall Behind the Competition!

Imagine your staff having double or triple the time they have now! Imagine them being able to work on projects that will actually help your business grow, instead of spending all their time on data entry or trying to drill down and find the real cause of an event storm.

That’s what is possible with the Custom IT Solutions created by Enterprise Integration. We have been a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning since the early 2000s. That means we offer mature artificial intelligence tools that boast all the best features without any of the problems that inevitably come with newest, untested versions of a product.

You get true business process automation, a unified view of your entire technology supply chain, comprehensive endpoint management, a powerful defense against cyber attacks, and more. And best of all, this entire suite of tools is included in the service package we provide you when you become a client.


We Offer Custom Solutions to Your
Everyday IT Problems!

We Are One of the Very Few Managed Service Providers With
Its Own Software Development Department!

We are continually developing new tools that can be customized and integrated into your ecosystem to allow you to do work better. Here are just of few of the many benefits you can receive right now from our Custom IT Solutions:

  • Real-time analytics providing unique insights into the business
  • Dashboards for data visualization
  • Issues can be detected and resolved without alerting IT staff
  • Data and application silos are broken down
  • Manage all endpoints from one convenient screen
  • See what is on an endpoint device – such as apps, content, etc.
  • Deploy security solutions to endpoint devices
  • Protect employees from Adware and Ransomware threats
  • Maximize business productivity by preventing viruses
  • Buttress your security and avoid data compromise
  • Get an instant snapshot of all devices on your network

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