IT Supply Chain

End-to-End Technology Ecosystem

Right Data, Right Place, Always on Time

We have coined the term “Business Technology Supply Chain” or“BTSC” to represent the IT Supply Chain, an end-to-end technology ecosystem that digital data traverses to enable businesses to run every day. Where the traditional logistics supply chain is made up of transportation modes including highways and shipping lanes, the BTSC is made up of digital transactions that traverse numerous technology modes reaching the final destination within nanoseconds.


Just as customers expect their cargo or package to show up on-time and have real-time visibility into the status throughout the multi-modes the order will take, so should you be able to understand the status of your data. Transportation and logistics companies have become skilled at providing on-time and visibility software so you can track the status of that your online order or a container of fresh fruit that must reach the shelves at the right time.

With our SDI™ Toolset, we provide an unparalleled visibility into your entire end-to-end supply chain. SDI visually and digitally tracks every mode of your IT network from endpoint devices, routers, hubs, wireless, telecommunications, database servers — anything that the 1’s and O’s must travel within this complex ecosystem. We do it with digital and human intelligence to correlate the successful delivery of IT with a positive customer experience.

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