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Proactive Systems Monitoring


    Traditional monitoring systems were designed to be unintelligent applications that purely acted as a delivery mechanism between the hardware and the support person, generally overwhelming the technician with thousands of alerts and information to the point they simply start ignoring them. Introducing Proactive Monitoring and Alert Management, the cornerstone of EI’s initiative.

    Monitoring and Alert Management

    We have spent many years developing the process and the technology required to gain the full value of system monitoring. EI seamlessly links your monitoring systems to the IT Service Desk, creating a fully integrated, closed-loop network monitoring and management environment.

    Powered by our expert systems, only validated alerts will automatically be captured as incidents, so support staff can manage them as needed, track handling from start-to-finish, close them when the event is resolved, and include the solution in the knowledge base. As a result, companies can more precisely assess the impact those events had on related assets.

    The introduction of the SDI™ partnered with Digital Robotics™ and Endpoint Experience™ is groundbreaking in its ability to automate system alerts according to best-practice workflows to ensure consistent and speedy results every time. Hundreds of alerts that once required hands-on attention from expert engineers are now programmatically handled immediately or often before they cause impact to our valued clients.


    SDI™ creates the ability to place workflows and decision trees into the process. The decisions made by SDI™ are effectively the same as bringing on an engineer and feed data to the Digital Robotics™ expert system.

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    Digital Robotics™ allows our team to proactively evaluate environments for single points of failure, create new problem isolation methods and enhance the end user experience through EP Experience™.


    Endpoint Experience™ provides real-time insight necessary to monitor, manage and correlate data, creating the overall customer experience while continuously monitoring endpoint performance.