SDI Endpoint Experience

SDI™ Endpoint Experience

Believing that knowledge is power when it comes to IT Operations, Enterprise Integration developed Intelligent Enterprise Monitoring™, SDI’s reporting tool that transforms the thousands of data points across your IT supply chain into the concise metrics, reports and dashboards that empower you to make wise business decisions.

Intelligent Enterprise Monitoring, EI’s highly visual, scalable and customizable reporting tool, produces diverse reports and dashboards that provide your organization with both the real-time visibility into what is happening across your IT supply chain right now as well as the historical trending to understand where your business has been and, more importantly, where it is going.

  • Quickly assess the health of your environment via custom dashboards
  • Integrate existing tools into one, centralized repository
  • Make timely, educated decisions with real-time metrics and dashboards
  • Save time producing reports by having them automatically sent to your inbox
  • Monitor and visually present historical trends across your business
  • Focus on the information most meaningful to your roles and responsibilities
  • Customize dashboards to your unique reporting requirements
  • Segment reporting by business unit, cost center, site and more
  • Subscribe key business stakeholders to the reports they need to make informed decisions
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